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Five Legendary WoW Woman Inventory

How much Legendary Woman do you know in World of Warcraft, let's take a look at them!: Tyrande Whisperwind, Jaina Proudmoore, Windrunner Three Sister, Garona, Azshara.


Tyrande Whisperwind


"Muddy like Gushe real, Tianzi scenery, emotional special noble. Wan Rui who mixed channel, not the same column with the beautiful and fragrant flowers." World of Warcraft, only one person can be worthy of this task, and that is the song should only be the sky, a few beautiful world back to the smell of High Priestess Tyrande perfectly. As one of the leaders of the wizard, we know the story is not much Tyrande, she grew up with her Malfurion ​​brother, in up to one million years led his companions kept for freedom and peace struggle, her caring and kind personality, good with wisdom and calm thinking to deal with a variety of inter-ethnic relations burdensome ally, with firm determination and unyielding efforts to combat violent Scourge. So we can not be denied, Tyrande is definitely one of the best Warcraft amazing woman - because herself is both the wisdom and beauty of the most perfect combination.


Jaina Proudmoore


From the name we can know that Admiral Dai Lin Jaina Proudmoore's daughter. In World of Warcraft, Jaina has ill-fated life. She lived the first half of aristocratic vanity romantic social life, so she became acquainted with the young Prince Arthas, and soon two of them into love. Later, Jaina Saar met a lot of people would say that Jaina and Thrall have feelings, it is not true, they simply build consensus among allies in the race honors, so we see that Jaina will help Thrall deal his father. On the other hand, Jaina different talent, she and fellow disciple Kel'Thuzad Dalaran Archmage Antonidas under the seat, and now as leader of the Kirin Tor. Is such an amazing woman, in World of Warcraft to play an important role so much, had astonishment.


Windrunner Three Sister


We know Windrunner three sisters are amazing woman in the world of Warcraft, their story was spread through the ages, and their descendants admiration. 


Alleria Windrunner is the big sister, she became famous in the Troll Wars, in order to defend the homeland, she led his tribe fought off numerous invaders. In Burning Crusade, Alleria is one of the five heroes of the Dark Portal, she met and fell in love, became a household hero military alliance with Turalyon and his wife in the war with the orcs. 


Sylvanas Windrunner is three sisters sister, her name ocean, I think needs no explanation. As leader of the Forsaken, she is the only thing we can see my three sisters in the World of Warcraft game, that is in the Undercity veritable queen sits the Grand Council of adults. But strictly speaking, she was dead. In his lifetime, Sylvanas as high elves Ranger General, Silver City is guarding against natural disasters Alsace command of the army of the last one force. 


Vereesa Windrunner is the youngest of three sisters, sister. We all know that long Vereesa sister: Alleria war after the end of the second expeditionary force led by the elite Ranger follow through the Dark Portal and eventually lost the trail at the Delano destruction. Sylvanas were killed during the invasion of Quel'Thalas after natural disasters, and forced to become a Scourge. The Windrunner Vereesa probably the happiest three sisters one, because she met destroy the Demon Soul's fate her husband, Master Ronin Dalaran high order, and a pair of his birth twins.




Garona is the female version of Rexxar? As an amazing woman, Garona acting as a few very key role in this spiritual world of World of Warcraft. First she was Gul'dan membership ace assassin's shadow parliament, the king of thieves is not for nothing. Secondly, Garona is Lothar friend, she was involved in the assassination of Karazhan Medivh's top-secret operations at the invitation of Lothar. So we have to admit: Warcraft Garona is one of the key figures promoting the wheel of WoW history. 




As the leader of the high elves, Azshara ruled ancient Kalimdor, her kindness and beauty spread by people, in the years up to tens of thousands of years, she assiduously study magic, explore the Well of Eternity mysterious force, and eventually led to another part of Malfurion represented elf forces break. But even if it is wrong, Azshara's minions are still loyal to her, even if it is forced sank together, perhaps this is the charm of this extraordinary woman: Please call me Queen!