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Madden 18's TipsThat U4GM Offered: How To Better Play This Game

Do you know who is the Madden NFL's cover star? Previously, this series game's cover was one of the few career accolades. For instance, Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady, he had previously eluded five-time, now, he adds the honor alongside his multiple NFL championships, Pro Bowl appearances, MVP awards and more. If you have a demand of playing Madden 18, what you need to know? 



General Franchise Tips

Scout players

Weekly training

Upgrade roster

Post-season draft

Play the Moments

Upgrade attributes

Pay attention to goals

Negotiating contracts


How To Draft A Quality Team

To build a custom team, simply open a new franchise in the cloud and choose a team. Then, in the "Starting Point" setting, choose Fantasy Draft. In Madden NFL 18, since you're filling out an entire active roster, be prepared for a 53-round draft. To build a successful Madden roster, you need to be smart in the draft. So how should you allocate your picks? Above mentioned information, furthermore detailed news and related game videos, you can go to website to enjoy it. 


The Dedicated Player Approach

If you create your player, you have the option to choose from any defensive player or any ball-dominant offensive position. At the start of the season, regardless of whether you created a player or are playing as Tom Brady, you have to set a season goal. After setting your goal, there's not much to it besides going out on the field and performing to the best of your ability. 


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