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Madden NFL 18 Story Mode Longshot Act #1 Answers And Decisions

EA, the video game publisher responsible for releasing sport games like FIFA, NBA, Madden and more. Every year, these sport games are always gradually being updated, regardless of whether games' features or modes, especially for this year's Madden 18, Madden 18 added a new story mode, called Longshot, Longshot shows us Devin beginning his football career as a high school quarterback. 



Longshot doesn't deal with any of the gritty realities of pro football, like concussions or steroid use. It doesn't bother navigating the seriousness of Devin's PTSD after his dad’s death, either. In spite of the game's themes about grief and failure, the narrative never gets too grim, instead focusing on Devin's friendship with Colt and his larger dreams of football stardom. A complete newcomer to Madden should play through the first several solo challenges in the Madden Ultimate Team mode before tackling Longshot. 


Madden NFL 18 Longshot Act #1 Answers And Decisions


Start the game and choose the following conversations choices when they appear

During the introduction with young versions of Devin and Cole, select "Change the Play"

During the conversation with Colt on the road when the option comes, choose "Have Mercy"

After this, opt to sing with Colt

At the hotel, choose "Reject" when the option comes

During the conversation in the Regional Combine, choose "Hush Colt"

Choose "Encourage Colt" when he is feeling discouraged. After this, choose to go with him to improve your own grade and his as well. 

When Mario Gonzales insults you, choose "Ignore Him"

During the TV Bosses scene, choose "Question' at every turn"


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