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Path of Exile: You Might Be Wondering How To Go About An Actual Build

If you are a beginner of Path of Exile, you might be wondering how to go about an actual build. The following tips are helpful for you, please take a look, and don't be lazy, if you have more new ideas and suggestions, you can head over to here to know more about this game, and you can put forward your ideas on ours website. 



Defense Over Offense

Try to maintain a greater ratio of defense to offense. The three defense aspects you have to consider are: 1) life, 2) defense type, 3) resistances. Do not spec all into defense as it will you get you nowhere either. You want your first build to marginally succeed, even if it runs across trouble in the endgame map content. Do not spec all into offense or throw a passive point or two into defense. 


Watch Your Flask Selection

Certain flasks (resists, diamond, granite) are drop only, and cannot be purchased from the NPC vendor. You can also buy cheap PoE orbs from here. Diamond flasks have been removed from the game temporarily. When it will come back is unknown. Regardless, try to plan your build without the need for more than 1 diamond flask or any at all. 


Build Smartly

Don't just make a build all willy-nilly with the online passive skill tree and post it for feedback, have a plan. Plan a build using 70 points, then a build with 85 points. This will help you to envision the type of build you are aiming for and what nodes, notables, and keystones you will take first over others. An 85-point build will give a more solid picture of a build that can tackle endgame content.


In-game items can be used to purchase various items from vendors, including maps, Cheap PoE orbs, U4gm PoE currency, skill gems and magic or rare equipment. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, particularly Diablo II. All areas aside from the central encampments are randomly generated for increased re-playability.