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TERA PS4 Recommendations Guide for New Player

True Action Combat is Tera's claim to fame in the MMO world. Your character's abilities do not matter practically as considerably as your talent with the controller. Abilities need aiming, timing, and precision to execute appropriately. Get sloppy as well as the fight will take a lengthy time-or you will get killed. Position yourself just appropriate though, as well as your skills will do more damage and speed the fight along. That philosophy was born from action games, so it's no surprise it feels appropriate at a residence on PS4.



Epic monster fights that'll challenge you and your party

Then you will find Tera's trademark baddies, the Big-Ass Monsters, or BAMs, as we like to call them.


These brutes hit challenging, can take what you may dish out, and are just exciting to fight. A warrior wading in with her swords is going to have a surprise the initial time a dracoloth requires towards the sky to drop fireballs from above. A party may set up the right formation, but a naga battlemaster will leap about the battlefield and devastate players that are not prepared. Battles like this are the core of Correct Action Combat.


The high quality of life improvements for PS4



Bringing Tera towards the PS4 meant creating some adjustments, as well. We wanted players to have a smooth knowledge, so the team at Bluehole created a lot of tweaks that strengthen the game without detracting from it.


As an example, they added a lock-on system to keep the action centered on your screen. They simplified inventory management by automatically sorting products into categories and added a radial menu to offer you speedy access to whatever you will need. These little quality-of-life alterations add as much as a streamlined encounter.


The game globe, its inhabitants, its story

Life isn't all swordfights and spell-hurling, though, there's story within this RPG as well.


The globe of Tera was born from a dream. The Titans, Arun, and Shara, laid down to sleep via the eons and their shared dream became the planet of Tera.


Their bodies became continents and their kids became gods. Kids squabble in any family, but when gods battle the outcomes are usually catastrophic.


The globe of Tera is scarred by wars and struggles, and the races are caught inside the affairs on the gods. Each race brings their own flavor for the globe, too! The mischievous poporis, the honorable man, the volatile castanics, and the (largely) noble humans are just part of the diverse tapestry of the game.


Tera on PS4 could be the outcome of years of tough perform by lots of men and women, across vast distances, all passionate about gaming-artists, developers, writers, testers, and buyer help all functioning collectively.


Not surprisingly, we couldn't do it without having our players, and so we’re excited to welcome you to the Dream. Pick your class, equip your weapon, and we’ll see you in there, fighting to take down these BAMs!  For more tera guides, stay tuned to U4GM. You can also choose U4GM where you can buy gold TERA.