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WOW Guide:How to Become a "World of Warcraft" Game Master

A "World of Warcraft" GM or game master is an employment position with Blizzard Entertainment. The GM handles issues from players of the massive multiplayer online role playing game. These issues can cover everything from helping a player get started to writing tickets to ban players that abuse the rules. The GM must have excellent typing skills and a keen awareness of "WoW" rules.


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A "WoW" GM must have superior customer service skills. GMs have to deal with what one former GM called a lot of "stupid" tickets, such as players upset that another player called his character fat. A GM must have a large tolerance for such complaints and a thick skin about personal attacks. The same GM told the website Something Awful that people unhappy with a GM's decision love to point out GM mistakes.

Be organized. A customer service representative is the face of the company that players will associate with their gaming experience. A GM must deal with all types of requests, difficult attitudes and deliver friendly, organized service.

Live in Irvine, California. Most GM positions work out of the Irvine, California headquarters of Blizzard Entertainment. The department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GM's should expect to work hourly shifts with some weekend and overtime hours.

Note:Check the "Career Opportunities" link on the Blizzard website for job openings. The GM position was not listed as of July 2011. Blizzard does not accept phone calls about its job openings.