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How to Make WoW Gold Easily for warlords-of-draenor

World of Warcraft, or WoW as it is commonly called, is the most successful MMORGP of all time. As a result of its popularity, the amount of items and game currency--gold--floating around on servers is enormous. Due to WoW's convenient auction house system, many useful trade items, potions, and various pieces of gear can be purchased with gold, so obtaining gold is an important part of optimally equipping a character.

Farm gold in high level expansion areas. The primary way to accumulate gold in WoW is to "farm" it from monsters that drop gold, as well as other useful items (usually trade items), that can be sold at the auction house for good money. Elemental based creatures are usually a great source of gold on WoW because they drop valuable trade items at decent rates. Nagrand, for example, has a lot of elementals with good drops. With expansions to WoW, it is best to farm gold in Outland and Northrend because the higher level the mobs, the better the gold and reagent drops. Being level 80 is also important for the most efficient killing of farmed mobs, and high damage classes, such as mages, are especially quick at dispatching mobs.

Use AOE to farm gold faster. A way to speed up normal gold farming is AOE farming. AOE stands for "area of effect"--spells or abilities that hit multiple mobs at once in a certain area. By drawing a bunch of mobs into one area and spamming AOE abilities, you can kill a large number of creatures in a short period of time. Again mages are especially good at AOE farming.

Farm trade skill items. Another great way to make gold easily, and without fighting mobs in some circumstances, is to farm high level areas for trade skill reagents. Using mining to farm high level ore, herbalism to farm herbs or skinning to get hides of high level monsters will yield trade items that sell for good amounts of gold at the auction house. Even if your primary method of farming gold is not going to be through a trade skill, it's a good idea to have a high level trade skill, just in case an opportune source of trade material arises.

Buy gold with real cash. While technically against the rules of the game and coming with the potential of being banned, there are many vendors who sell WoW gold online for real money. If you are in great need of a large sum of gold, buying it with real cash is the fastest way to get a lot of gold fast.