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NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Modes: What Should Beginners Play?

NBA 2K23's MyTeam can be played both offline and online. But at the beginning of MyTeam, some may not know which mode to play to receive the most rewards. To help you out, we list the MyTeam modes that newbies should play.

1. Domination

• Five-on-five games NBA style with your best players against current NBA teams.

Domination is the closest to a regular NBA game as you'll get to. This mode is a classic five-on-five scrimmage with your best players against current NBA teams. You'll earn stars based on the difficulty of each game, and you must collect a certain number of stars to earn prizes to improve your team. Other rewards along the way include NBA 2K23 MT, tokens, player cards, and pieces to the new "trophy cases" (more on that later). There are five tiers to start out this year, two more than in previous years.

    • Tier 1: Amethyst Julius Randle
    • Tier 2: Diamond Mitch Richmond
    • Tier 3: Diamond Mike Bibby
    • Tier 4: Diamond Bill Walton
    • Tier 5: Pink Diamond John Havlicek

2. Clutch Time

• Fast-paced five-on-five games with a shortened shot clock.

In a more fast-paced version of Domination, you'll want to check out Clutch Time. Still five-on-five, this game mode differs because the shot clock is only 14 seconds instead of the 24-second standard. Play through ten tiers, ten wins per tier (100 total), to earn tokens, trophy rewards, and MT. Watch out; if you lose three games in a row, you will get reset to the bottom of your ten-game tier. Spin the wheel after every win for a chance at the current takeover reward card: Diamond Lamar Odom.

3. Triple Threat

• Three-on-three games with the first team scoring 21 points win.

For more space on the court, Triple Threat is a three-on-three contest, and the first team to 21 points wins. Play 250 games to 21 with your best cards, and with every win comes MT, tokens, shoe colorways, shoe boosts, and a chance to open the vault. Diamond Lamar Odom is also available in vaults after every win.

4. Challenges

• Complete specific statistical milestones and game moments to earn rewards.

MyTeam also has specific Challenges that task you with completing specific statistical feats or game moments. The season's first challenge will feature Michael Jordan, defeat his starting five, and you'll be rewarded with a Diamond Jordan Shoe Colorway, shoe boosts, and a Hall of Fame badge. Next-gen players will also have exclusive Activity Challenges, including games where you face off against Michael Jordan's greatest teams. In Season 1, you'll be facing his Rookie Bulls squad, win, and be rewarded with an exclusive Diamond Jordan I colorway card and shoe boost to fill it out in the MT Shoe Lab.

5. Freestyle

• Practice with your team to learn their moves and hone your skills.

Freestyle allows you to spend as much time honing your skills if you're looking to learn your players' moves and practice.

Performing well in any of these game modes will award you experience points that will increase your Season status. If you're interested in more NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, be sure to check out our guides section here at U4GM.