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Re-customization of characters in Warlods of Draenor

With the arrival of new character models , a lot of people worried about the fact of waking up one day with new model and just do not like how your character was after the remodel - or, how to cope if another face was more beautiful or more cool as yours?


Today, in the game, you can only change the face of the character if you hire the Change Appearance service, for R $ 16. But with the general change, it would be fair to each player received at least a Free remodel, or there was a simple way to to change the face / expression of the characters - and provided that the Blizzard /

With the arrival of the expansion and the new models will be possible to change the face of your character in Barbershop ingame for a small amount of gold ~ ~. In Beta, the figure is 32 gold 16  silver 90 copper  to change the face only, and  68 gold 95 silver 31 copper  for a complete transformation.

If you want an even more radical change, such as a change of sex, you still need to hire the service of Change Appearance in the store.

Personally, I was VERY happy with the face of Eikani in the new model . It's a big difference, but it has the same essence - think super radical changes were the same with humans and the undead. And you will at least test the different faces in the barbershop?

And if you are worrying about the fact your PC run well or not the new expansion, I recommend you start searches for a new machine (or at least a good video card). You can compare prices on the internet, there are many options for computers and peripherals on OLX , for example.